IICC Cycle Meeting 14th of September 2019

The Summer IICC Cycle Meeting is organised by the International Institute on Compassionate care (IICC). The Institute’s mission is to promote and cultivate compassionate, patient-centered care that is responsive to the individual patient’s needs, by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, which combines medicine and social sciences so as to bring together a number of concepts and approaches (see more on the IICC’s mission and aims at http://www.symponesi.org/index.php/mission-aims). Another aim is to promote networking between various individuals and organisations across the globe who share the same goals and aspirations as the IICC. 

The International Conference for Compassionate Care will have the support of important and renowned institutions, organizations and universities. Leading speakers on Compassionate Care are invited and will attend the conference, some of them heading novel interactive workshops. The conference will take place in an exclusive sea-side hotel in Cyprus, so as to take advantage of the beautiful Cyprus weather, for our non-academic activities. 

Key Conference Topics

  1. Evidence-based compassionate care: measuring its effectiveness
  2. Compassionate and patient-centered care as a measure to tackle the financial constraints in healthcare 
  3. Multidisciplinary Approaches on Compassion: Humanities
  4. Teaching Compassion across the Healthcare organisation
  5. Implementation and Effectiveness of Compassionate Care Interventions in Healthcare

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