The Institute's mission is to promote and cultivate compassionate, patient-centered care that is responsive to the individual patient’s needs by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, combining medicine and social sciences to bring together a number of concepts and approaches.


  • Promote networking between individuals and organizations i.e Healthcare Organizations, Academic Institutions, Patient Associations etc. who share the same values, ideas, concerns and expectations with regard to compassionate care.
  • Foster compassionate-care education across the whole continuum of education (primary, secondary, tertiary) to transform how care is delivered today and in the future. The use of online learning tools and resources is instrumental for our approach.
  • Develop thought-leadership via position papers relating to the role, effect and impact of compassionate patient-centered care on healthcare organizations, health insurances, health systems, healthcare providers and patients.
  • Enhance and promote research activities in the area of compassionate care and in particular in the areas of empathic, patient-centred care, therapeutic relationships, shared decision-making, power of comprehensive culture change, cost-effectiveness of compassionate care (i.e improvements in employee retention, medical errors reduction, ), quality of care and compassion, healthcare staff training on compassion, staff well-being, neurobiological effects of compassion etc.

What we do

  • Carry out assessments for healthcare organizations and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Conceptualize and publically respond to current world events from the perspective of compassion and empathy.
  • Design, implement and evaluate interactive on-site and online training courses on Compassionate Care for Healthcare organizations ( healthcare professionals, administrative and management staff).
  • Design, execute and evaluate Research projects in the area of compassionate care.
  • Organize International Conferences on Compassionate Care.
  • Provide opportunities for networking and collaboration between different organizations on a global level.
  • Bio Med Central
  • Journal of Compassionate Health Care
  • Planetree
  • Filokalia

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