Andreas FlourisDr Andreas Flouris is a Senior Researcher in Human Physiology at the University of Thessaly Department of Exercise Science in Greece as well as an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Medicine with the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is the Founder and Director of FAME Lab [(F)unctional (A)rchitecture of (M)ammals in their (E)nvironment], a research group of >15 full-time researchers investigating the health and performance effects of environmental factors with a particular focus on the effects of heat. Dr. Flouris is a Coordinator or Partner in several funded projects in the EU and North America (>17M euro in the past 6 years) and he has published widely (>130 research papers) on the effects of different environmental factors on human health and performance. He is a Section Editor for the scientific journal Temperature and an Associate Editor for the scientific journal BMC Pulmonary Medicine. Also, he is an Expert Consultant providing input for guidelines and policy pertaining to the health effects of environmental factors for different international organizations (United Nations, World Health Organisation, European Commission, NASA, and others). Finally, for more than eight years he has been evaluating funding proposals for different international organizations in Europe and North America including the European Commission, NASA, and the European Space Agency. Dr. Flouris has recognized the importance of compassionate care since the early steps of his professional career. He has worked towards incorporating compassionate care practices into the patient/population/research initiatives of all organisations that he has worked in. This includes hiring practices and training programs that focus on compassion. He emphasises continuity of care and teamwork and believes that simple organisational changes can make a major difference.

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