Vasileios DrakonakisDr Vasileios (Vassilis) Drakonakis (Male) is a Dipl.-Ing Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering (University of Patras, Greece | 2008), and holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering (University of Texas at Arlington, USA | 2012). He has worked as postdoc at the MEP Research Unit at Cyprus University of Technology, and as visiting lecturer and research fellow at the University of Nevada, Reno focusing on scaling up ultrasonic welding processing for polymer composites manufacturing. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Nicosia, in Cyprus. He is an associate member of Polymeric Composites Laboratory, Seattle WA, USA, since 2007, through which, he has obtained a trans-disciplinary background suitable for industrial and research activities integration. His objective is to create a unique global framework for effective relations between industry and academia, which will boost innovation and intellectual merit development towards commercialization.

Vassilis also serves as the executive director of NGO FILOKALIA, an organization which operates under the auspices of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus and focuses on youth, social, philanthropic and cultural activities. Under this framework and taking into account that the NGO started actively operating in October 2015, FILOKALIA has a strong relation with compassionate care activities and has already participated in various EU projects consortia. Vassilis, among other duties, is responsible for fund raising through National, EU, and Global Channels to support the work of FILOKALIA toward the benefit of Cyprus people.

Research work: 16 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals; 3 pending patent applications (currently as invention disclosures); 14 conference proceedings papers; 11 conference presentations; 9 publications in national newspapers (CY, GR);

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