Loukia MavrommatiLoukia Mavrommati is an Intensive Care Unit nurse since 2006. She studied at Cyprus school of nursing from 1999-2003 receiving a diploma in Nursing (registered nurse of the republic of Cyprus). She received a BSc in Nursing from Cyprus University of technology in 2011. In 2008 she was awarded the title of donor coordinator from the University of Barcelona (Donor Detection System, Brain Death Diagnosis, Donor Management and Organ Viability, Family approach for Organ Donation and Organ retrieval, organization, preservation and allocation criteria). In 2016 completed successfully the course of intensive nurse specialist. From 2004 she has been working for the ministry of health in Cyprus in Nicosia general hospital (for adults, children, neonatal). In 2006 she started working in ICU of New Nicosia general hospital (NNGH). Attended courses for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), in CRRT treatment in administrating Citrate and MPS (plasmaferesis), advanced life support course (ALS), student mentoring for Cyprus nurses universities. From 2016 she coordinates the newly created compassionate care team (CCT) in ICU of NNGH. Her vision being a nurse is to provide holistic care for both the critically ill patient and its environment.

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