Professor Christos LionisLionis Christos, MD, PhD, FRCGP(Hon) is a Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care at the School of Medicine, University of Crete and Head of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine at the School of Medicine, University of Crete. With a passion for the importance and the value of PHC and Family Medicine, Christos is actively involved in the development of primary care and general practice on Crete. He currently co-ordinates a thriving GP network with more than 20 GPs, and is also responsible for the supervision of a number of PhD students. Christos and his research team at the University of Crete are involved in four FP7 European funded projects (one as coordinator), in two Third Health Programme for the Union's action in the field of health 2014-2020 – CHAFEA (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency); EUropean Refugees - HUman Movement and Advisory Network (EUR-HUMAN, Project Proposal number 717319) as coordinator and SPIM-EU project - Determinants of Successful Implementation of Selective Prevention of Cardio-metabolic Diseases Across Europe, Project Proposal number 663309, and currently in one HORIZON 2020. Christos is involved in an editorial and advisory capacity with a number of international journals including the Journal of Compassionate Health Care where is co-section editor with Sue Shea. He also is a member of the Executive Boards of various professional organisations and has published 284 papers in international journals (cited in PubMed).

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