Priyanka Reddy is a recent graduate from St. George’s University of London (MBBS). She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Rosemont College (Rosemont, Pennsylvania) in the United States. She has done research projects in medical school regarding the Risk Factors Associated with Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type (SDAT) as well as clinical research regarding Urine Microalbumin Measurement in Type II Diabetes as a Predictor of Diabetic Nephropathy and Increased Cardiovascular Risk.

Priyanka was born and raised in New York and is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health before embarking on her Family Medicine residency program. She believes in a holistic approach to medicine and believes in the importance of the patient-physician relationship. She hopes that her love for medicine and patient-centered care will be enhanced by joining the International Institute for Compassionate Care. She hopes to promote and cultivate patient-centered care by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach in her own practice of medicine as well as advocating for knowledge and use of compassionate care in the healthcare field. Her hobbies include: Travel, Tennis, Photography, Reading, History, and Food/Travel Writing. 

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